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The Cambridge Muslim Society serves the thriving Muslim community of the city of Cambridge and all Canadians in general at large, located in the heart of southern Ontario. Approx. 100km south-west of Toronto, Cambridge together with the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo form the ‘Tri-cities’ of Waterloo region.


The Society established in 1974, began offering the five daily prayers, and children’s Madrassah from a small residential apartment. In 1980, the CMS purchased a small rental warehouse and converted to a prayer hall. Daily services expanded to offering Juma/Eid prayers as well as funeral services. In 1985, the Society was registered (registration # 561084-39-15) with the government of Ontario, Canada.


About Us...

Due to the growth of the Muslim population of Cambridge there was a significant need to create more space and increased facilities in order to accommodate this growing community. In 1989, one acre land was purchased to build a proper masjid to fulfill the needs of the Muslim community. After six years, construction began in 1995. In 1997, Jamia Umar Al-Farooq Masjid was completed costing $1.3 million.


The Society is run by the democratically elected Executive Committee directed by the constitution of the Cambridge Muslim Society. This Executive body is elected at our annual General Body meeting of all voting right members, each spring. The Executive Committee is a 7 – member panel consisting of the President, Vice-president, treasurer, Gen. Secretary and 3 executive members.

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